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Bristol Green
HVAC/Water Heater Reference Information

This information is here for reference only, and does not serve as official endorsements
of Bristol Green Condominium, its Board, or FirstService Residential.
Residents are encouraged to reach out to contractors to obtain additional information.

Our heating and cooling systems are unique and are always the source of many questions. Please read the following information as it will save you time, aggrevation, money, and will help you to avoid damage to your unit and others! The below information has been compiled and placed here by Board President Travis Beaver for the benefit of all residents. If you have questions for him, please contact him through FirstService.


The Basics

Critical Things You Need to Know

The Water Heater

The Air Handler & Air Conditioner

Water shut-offs

Each unit has an individual shut-off valve. It is blue or black in color, round, and is the closest valve to the wall in your outside water heater closet. Turn to the right until tight to turn off your water supply.

If you have a first floor unit, your closet also has a special valve on the wall called a "riser valve" which will turn off the water to your unit, and the two above you. This should only be used in rare (emergency) circumstances. Turn this valve clockwise until tight to turn off the water to the entire stack of 3 units.

For shutting off an entire building, please contact FirstService.

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