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Bristol Green
Community Reference Information

This page is here to act as a reference "library" of our community.
This information is here for reference only, and does not serve as official endorsements
of Bristol Green Condominium, its Board, or FirstService Residential.
Residents are encouraged to perform their own research, or talk to neighbors to obtain additional information.
More content will be added regularly.


Life threatening emergencies need to be reported to 911 immediately.

Property management emergencies should be called into 800-870-0010.

Water shut-offs
Each unit has an individual shut-off valve. It is blue or black in color, round, and is the closest valve to the wall in your outside water heater closet. Turn to the right until tight to turn off your water supply.

If you have a first floor unit, your closet also has a special valve on the wall called a "riser valve" which will turn off the water to your unit, and the two above you. Turn this valve clockwise until tight to turn off the water to the entire stack of 3 units.

For shutting off the entire building, or a sprinkler system, please call FirstService to make arrangements.

Water heater work
If you are having any work performed in your water heater closet, call FirstService as far in advance as possible so that the sprinkler system can be temporarily disabled. Many plumbers have set off sprinkler heads while soldering pipes, and servicing the exhaust flues of our water heaters.
Also, if you drain your water heater, do NOT use the overflow pipes in your water heater closet! Use a garden hose, and drain the tank outside to ground level. The overflow pipes in the closet are not designed to handle 50 gallons of water flow, as they are connected to the condensate drain lines. If you or your contractor ignore this, you risk flooding the unit(s) below you.


Howard County Police Non-Emergency number: 410-313-2200

Howard County Police Drug Tip Line: 410-290-3784

Neighborhood Community Resource Officer for Long Reach
PFC Jose Marichal
Long Reach NCRO, NCRO Section
Community Outreach Division



Bristol Green consists of 10 secured access condominium buildings, with 12 units in each (120 units).
There are 6 garage buildings with 5 garage bays in each (30 garages). Garages are deeded separately from units and their electricity is paid for by the Association.
Original construction of the community took place from 1994 through 1995 by Bozzuto, Inc.

Our community is managed out of the Towson and Forest Hill offices of FirstService Residential.

See Contact Info page for more details.

Bulletin Boards

The bulletin/corkboards in the entrance of each building serve as a place for general announcements and information to residents. FirstService and the Board maintain the postings on these boards. Please keep personal postings to a minimum. If Board or FirstService postings cannot fit, other items will be removed to make space.

Board Meetings

  1. When are Board meetings held?
    Board Meetings are now held quarterly, on the first Thursday of February, May, August, and November. The annual election and budget meetings may be held during these regular months, or additional meetings will be called as needed, and at the discretion of the Board.

  2. Who can attend?
    All residents are encouraged to attend to stay informed and involved in their community.

Cable TV/Internet/Phone Service

Bristol Green is wired for Comcast Xfinity services, as well as Verizon FiOS. Each unit has dedicated fiber optic cabling to take advantage of all FiOS offerings, including up to 1Gbps/1Gbps Internet speed.
Satellite dishes are allowed, but only if they are freestanding. They cannot be attached to the building in any way. Satellite dish companies will generally setup a dish on a stand, and weight it down with bricks or concrete blocks. It will be placed on the patio or balcony, and is generally not much taller than the railings in total height. The Association will NOT trim or cut down trees which interefere with satellite dish signals. Residents are urged to use Comcast or Verizon services. Contact FirstService or the Board President if you need more details.

Condominium Documents

Condo docs governing Bristol Green are available for a fee in paper copy from FirstService. As an alternative, you can download/view the docs as searchable PDF files from the links below or via the FirstService Connect site. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Please be patient as some of these files are a bit large.

Articles of Incorporation
Declaration of Condominium
Amendments to Declaration
Amendments to Bylaws
Rules and Regulations

Condo Insurance Policies

All of our buildings are covered by a Master Insurance Policy which will rebuild all buildings as they were originally constructed in the case of casualty loss (fire, tornado, hurricane, etc.). An earthquake rider was added to our policy starting in 2010 to cover damage to the buildings resulting from an earthquake.

A typical condo insurance policy on your unit will contain dwelling coverage and personal property/contents coverage. Dwelling is to cover improvements you have made to your unit above and beyond its original construction. Depending on your coverage clauses, this may also cover water damage to your unit and your neighbors' units in case of a failed water heater, faucet, etc. Keep in mind that if a fixture fails in your unit and damages another, you are responsible for the repairs. Personal property/contents coverage simply covers your furniture and other personal items such as clothing, jewelry, electronics, etc. (depending on your policy).

The Condominium's master policy deductible is $5,000, so you must ensure that your individual unit's policy will cover at least this amount in case of damage to your unit.

All residents are urged to call their insurance agent for any questions regarding their condo policy. This information here is for general reference only, and does not replace the advice of your insurance company. Questions regarding the Master Policy should be directed to FirstService.

Door Entry Panels

We have secured access buildings, meaning the entry doors are always locked. Every building has an entry panel to allow guest access to the buildings. Your last name is programmed into the panel, along with your primary (home or mobile) phone number. Upon moving in, you must contact FirstService to have the previous tenant/owner removed from the panel, and your name added. Names are NOT updated automatically. If your phone number changes, you will need to call FirstService to have it updated in the panel. Only local area codes are allowed to be programmed into the boxes as other area codes will cost the Association long distance fees.

Visitors scroll through the list by last name - NOT unit number. Many people are not used to this. Once they find the right name, they press the button to place a call, and the box will call your unit. When you answer, you can speak to the person outside, just like a speakerphone. If you wish to allow them in, press 9 on your phone, and you will hear loud beeps, indicating the door has unlocked. The call will then disconnect.

Keys & Mailboxes

If you need extra keys for your building door, simply call FirstService who will provide you with duplicate keys as needed. The cost for an additional key is $10, effective 1/1/2013. Building keys are marked "DO NOT DUPLICATE" to help control the distribution of building keys.

Mailbox locks are the responsibility of the unit owner. If you need a lock replaced or serviced, please call a locksmith. The Post Office will not service our mailbox locks as the mailbox units themselves belong to the Association.

Exhaust Lines & Utilities

Units/Fire Safety

  1. I want to remodel part of my unit. What am I allowed to do?
    Remodeling is permitted without Board approval, as long as you do not disturb fireplaces, load bearing walls, sprinkler heads, sprinkler pipes, and other common elements such as exterior walls, exterior doors, windows, the roof, or your entry door. Work MUST be performed by licensed and insured contractors.

  2. What should I know about the fire sprinklers in my unit?
    Do not touch them! Sprinkler heads should never be tampered with or painted. All sprinkler maintenance is performed by a contractor approved by the Board and FirstService. If you have a sprinkler problem, call FirstService immediately.

  3. What about the fire alarm in my unit?
    Every unit has smoke detectors. These are a unit owner's responsibility to maintain, and they are NOT tied into the building's alarm system. They run on power from your unit, and should have a backup battery in case of power failure. Code now requires 10-year sealed battery alarms. There is also a fire alarm siren in each unit. If this goes off, LEAVE THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY. Never assume it is a false alarm. Testing is performed periodically, and notices of this will be posted in advance.

  4. How does our fire alarm system work?
    Our fire protection system is monitored 24 hours a day by BFPE International. If the fire alarm in your building is going off, BFPE will receive an automatic notification, and dispatch the fire department. Residents are free to call 911 if they wish as an added precaution.

  5. What if I see a fire?
    If you witness a fire in your building, pull the fire alarm station in the main hallway immediately. There is one on every floor. Fire extinguishers are located in the center of every hall on every floor, if you choose to use one. Use your best judgment - if you feel your safety is at risk, leave the building and let the fire department handle the situation. Sprinklers will control most fires until the fire department arrives.

Attics & Hallways

Additional insulation was added in 2011 to all attics to give these spaces a rating of at least R-38. Insulation reduces energy costs to all residents and helps to prevent ice dams in the winter due to heat loss.

Building hallways are considered common elements and are maintained by the Association. They are cleaned twice per week. All concerns or maintenance needs (dead lights, etc.) should be directed to FirstService. Hallways are not to be used for personal storage, including, but not limited to, baby strollers, furniture, bicycles, chairs, shoes, toys, umbrellas, trash bags, etc. Per fire code, the common hallways must be free of objects at all times.

The hallways were refurbished from top to bottom in 2018-2019. Many people have asked the paint that was used. Below are the details:


The standard fireplace installed in Bristol Green is a Martin, model GSC36. This is a decorative fireplace, and therefore, is not intended to heat your unit. Martin is no longer in business, but parts can still be found for them, including the glass doors. The fireplaces have a continuously lit pilot, however, if you need to relight it, lighting instructions for this model fireplace can be found by clicking HERE. If you feel uncomfortable lighting the unit yourself, or if you need any service on your fireplace, a servicer highly recommended by residents is Day or Night Home and Hearth Services, 1-800-FIREPLACE. They are based in Hanover, MD. Warning: Gas odor is not normal in or around your fireplace. If you smell gas, go outside, and then call BGE or 911.


Per Bristol Green Bylaws, all 2nd and 3rd floor units MUST have carpet and padding installed throughout the living room, dining room, hall areas, and bedrooms. First floor units are allowed to have any type of flooring or carpet. The purpose of this requirement is to reduce noise transmission to units below. Cork flooring is under consideration by the Board as an alternative approved floor covering for upper floors due to its excellent sound insulating properties. If this change were proposed, a majority vote of unit owners would be required to amend the Bylaws.

Heating, Cooling & Water Heaters

Click HERE for a page dedicated to discussing Bristol Green HVAC systems.


Windows & Doors

  1. Who is responsible for windows and doors?
    Unit windows and doors are owned by the unit owner. This includes the sashes and screens only. The framing, casing, and exterior trim and waterproofing are a common element and belong to the association.

  2. I want to replace my unit door hardware. What am I allowed to do?
    If you wish to replace your door knob and/or deadbolt, the new hardware must match the existing, and the backplate must remain on the door. The best match to the original hardware is Schlage "Orbit" style, in polished brass.

  3. How energy efficient are the original windows installed by the builder?
    An unscientific test of original Bristol Green windows by a window contractor revealed that they are roughly 43% efficient, meaning up to 57% of energy can be lost through them. Today's modern windows with a U-factor of 0.30 or lower are well over 90% efficient.

  4. I want to replace my windows. What am I allowed to do?
    If you wish to replace your windows, you may purchase replacement windows as long as they exactly match the style and appearance of the original current windows, including grilles.
    New construction windows or modifications to framing need Board approval and justification.

  5. I want to replace my sliding glass door/French doors (double doors). What am I allowed to do?
    You may replace your current sliding glass door or French doors, as long as the new ones match the style and appearance of the originals. All trim work and siding must be returned to its original condition at the completion of work, as these are common elements.

  6. Can I install French doors (double doors) instead of the current sliding glass door?
    Yes, French doors are permitted, but grille work must match the look of your windows, and should be between the panes of glass. All trim work and siding must be returned to its original condition if a sliding glass door is removed, as these are common elements.

  7. Can you recommend a window/door contractor?
    The Board of Directors cannot endorse any particular business or contractor. However, we can share with residents those that have done work in the community in the past, and come recommended by residents. The most highly recommended company has been Dream House Windows, but they no longer service this area. Other vendors used in Bristol Green include Window World as well as American Home Center, Beltsville MD, 301-220-1144.

  8. My bottom windows (original) occasionally tip inside my unit without warning. How do I fix this?
    Your tilt latches are broken off and need to be replaced. Click HERE or HERE to order replacement pairs of tilt latches, or, you can simply keep your window locked.



  1. What is a unit owner responsible for outside?
    As a unit owner, you are required to keep your patio or balcony orderly, and reasonable in appearance. For example, using a patio or balcony as a storage area is not acceptable.
    Also, hanging clothes out to dry on your railing is strictly prohibited, and is specifically mentioned in the Bristol Green Bylaws.

  2. What items does a unit owner actually own?
    On a balcony/patio, you are responsible for the maintenance of your light fixture and electrical outlet only. All other items are considered common elements. Flood lights have been allowed as an alternate fixture in some first floor units for added security.

  3. I want to replace my patio/balcony light fixture. Where can I find an acceptable replacement?
    The light fixture must remain a brass "coach lamp" style fixture to preserve architectural continuity throughout the community. These lamps are available off the shelf at Home Depot on Snowden River Parkway for around $12. They can also be ordered at a Home Depot store, or online. There are currently two online options, one by Hampton Bay and one from Design House.

  4. What is not allowed on patios/balconies per our ByLaws?
  5. I have concerns about the condition of my balcony/patio's column, decking, or railings. What should I do?
    Contact FirstService for all property issues. We are planning to replace balcony decking with Trex style material in a future capital reserve project.

  6. Can I have a satellite dish outside my unit?
    Yes, satellite dishes are allowed, but only if they are freestanding. They cannot be attached to the building in any way. Satellite dish companies will generally setup a dish on a stand, and weight it down with bricks or concrete blocks. It will be placed on the patio or balcony, and is generally not much taller than the railings in total height. Contact FirstService or the Board President if you need more details.

Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor cooking is only allowed in the picnic area to the left of 5911 Millrace Court. Period. Other areas pose a safety risk, and/or is against Howard County fire code (such as balconies, patios, etc.). If someone is observed cooking near a building, on a patio, or balcony, the Howard County Fire Department may be called. This has happened in the past and can lead to fines from the County. Fire regulations are in place to protect your home, and the homes of those around you. Don't jeopardize the property and safety of those around you.


  1. What are my responsibilities as a garage owner?
    You are responsible for the interior of your garage, along with the door, and all aspects of its lift system. Exterior painting of wooden garage doors will be handled by the association. If your garage experiences a loss of power, call FirstService. Electricity is paid by the Association for all garage buildings. Electrical modifications to individual garages require an architectural change request (ACR) and must be paid for by the garage owner.

  2. What if my door needs repairs/replacement? Who do I call?
    All About Doors is the approved garage door company that has serviced Bristol Green for many years, and can be reached at 410-590-5662. They are very familiar with our garages. Ed is the primary point of contact. See Question #3 for door information.

  3. I've seen two different door styles around the community. What's the story?
    The original doors in the community are wood, and need regular maintenance. They are also prone to rot, sagging, cracking, and buckling. The wood doors can be replaced in sections, or all at once. Garage owners are encouraged to replace their door with an aluminum model. These doors are stronger, more secure, maintenance free, and more attractive. They don't cost much more than a wood door, and never need painting, and will not sag and buckle over time. Replacing sections of a wood door is cost prohibitive, and it makes more sense to buy a new metal door as you will get all new tracks and weatherseal moldings. The aluminum doors are model #4050 at All About Doors, in the Almond color. Garages #1-25 are $750 installed, while Garages #26-30 are $825 (these are taller doors). To preserve architectural continuity, the existing wood door style, and the above aluminum style, are the only door styles permitted to be installed in Bristol Green.

  4. Why do the middle garage doors on each building seem to rot or sag before others?
    This is because the middle garage doors do not have overhangs protecting them from the elements. These doors get direct beating by rain and snow. Owners of middle garages are strongly encouraged to purchase the aluminum door model mentioned above due to the increased amount of weathering they sustain.

  5. I am considering the purchase of an electic vehicle. How can I charge my vehicle in my garage?
    Garages are equipped with 120V receptacles which can be used to charge your car. Our garage buidings do not support higher than 120V service. If you want a faster charging solution such as those which require two-phase 240V power, it will be up to the garage owner to establish new service with BGE at their own expense and have a new meter installed on the rear exterior wall of your garage. A licensed electrican would then be required to install all necessary connections from the meter to your charging device. Any necessary repairs to landscaping will also be at garage owner expense. If you plan to pursue this route, please coordinate with an Assocation representative to attend your pre-construction meeting with BGE onsite.


Landscaping is under contract with Patapsco Spring. They handle a variety of items including landscaping, concrete, masonry, and drainage.
Landscaping improvements are always a large expense. Feel free to bring concerns to the Board or FirstService, but please keep in mind that landscaping work needs to be planned out, and everything can't be done at once.
If you walk a dog, it is your legal responsibility as a Howard County resident to pick up and dispose of pet waste. County fines can range from $25-$500, and if you are a Bristol Green resident, you may be subject to Association fines as well.

Parking / Roadways

There is currently no reserved parking or parking permits in Bristol Green, and past efforts to implement such a system were met with overwhelming opposition. However, we ask that as a courtesy to your neighbors, please have visitors park across the street from building entrances, allowing residents the best spaces. Do not park in handicap spaces unless you have a proper permit to do so. Please see section below regarding designated snow emergency areas.

Many people have asked if Bristol Green could become a gated community. While the Board sees many benefits to securing the community with a gate system, we do not have sufficient entry roadway length to support this safely, without backing up traffic onto Old Dobbin Lane. Also, the cost to install and maintain the necessary gates and infrastructure is prohibitively high for a community of our relatively small size.

Snow Removal and Snow Emergency Areas

When snow is forecasted, do not park in the Snow Emergency areas or you will significantly hamper clean-up efforts, and risk your vehicle being damaged or blocked in by heavy equipment and/or snow piles. Click HERE to see a map of their locations. They are also marked with signs.

Snow removal and ice melt applications are performed by Patapsco Spring on a Time & Materials basis. Because we never know how much winter precipitation we will get in a season, flat rate snow contracts are not available. This work must be pre-authorized per event, so the Board President and/or FirstService is in communication with our Patapsco representative in advance of a storm or snowfall.

Trash Collection

Trash is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays by a Howard County subcontractor. Our dumpsters are rented from a private vendor. Our cleaning contractor, MultiCorp, is assigned to open the gates before pickups and close them afterwards. If you see gates open or closed at inappropriate times, please feel free to move them. This will help improve the overall appearance of the community.
The dumpsters are for household trash only. Other items such as mattresses, furniture, home improvement debris, etc., must be taken to the Howard County landfill.
Pet waste MUST BE BAGGED when placing it into a dumpster. Dumping raw pet waste such as used cat litter is not only a nuisance, but also a public health hazard.


The fountain generally runs from May 1st through October 30th annually. Routine maintenance is performed every other week by Specialty Pool & Fountain. The water in the fountain is treated reguarly with chemicals to prevent algae growth and maintain clarity. People and pets are NOT permitted to enter the basin due to the chemically treated water and trip hazards associated with light fixtures, their cabling, and electrical junction boxes present.

If you ever see the fountain in need of special attention, please contact FirstService, or e-mail president@bristolgreencondos.org.

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